XBRL Account Details for Gain (Loss) on Sale of Investments

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XBRL Label: Gain (Loss) on Sale of Investments

XBRL Tag Name: GainLossOnSaleOfInvestments

The net realized gain (loss) on investments sold during the period, not including gains (losses) on securities separately or otherwise categorized as trading, available-for-sale, or held-to-maturity, which, for cash flow reporting, is a component of proceeds from investing activities.

Account References

Balance: credit

Topic: SubTopic: Section:
230 10 45
Name: GainLossOnSaleOfInvestments
Label: Gain (Loss) on Sale of Investments
Regulation: Accounting Standards Codification
Prefix: us-gaap
Codification URL: Codification Link (requires FASB account)

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