XBRL Account Details for Common Stock, Shares, Issued

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XBRL Label: Common Stock, Shares, Issued

XBRL Tag Name: CommonStockSharesIssued

Total number of common shares of an entity that have been sold or granted to shareholders (includes common shares that were issued, repurchased and remain in the treasury). These shares represent capital invested by the firm's shareholders and owners, and may be all or only a portion of the number of shares authorized. Shares issued include shares outstanding and shares held in the treasury.

Account References

Topic: SubTopic: Section:
210 10 S99
Name: CommonStockSharesIssued
Label: Common Stock, Shares, Issued
Regulation: Accounting Standards Codification
Prefix: us-gaap
Codification URL: Codification Link (requires FASB account)

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